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Video Reviews from kids:

Tatum’s Review  

Jana’s Review

From Teachers:

“A wonderful book to teach children about growth mindset! I am a second grade teacher and I love sharing this book with my students! Such a great story, fun illustrations, and such an important message! Thanks again for coming in and sharing ‘The Story of The Can’t That Could’!  It was a big hit with the students and the teachers were very impressed with you, as well!”  –Mercy Mize, second grade teacher at Fern Hill Elementary, West Chester, PA

“Thank you so much for visiting our first graders! My team loved your visit and how you spent time with each student that purchased a book. The kids definitely enjoyed the story and couldn’t stop talking about Can’t. We definitely want to have you back in the fall with our new group of kids! –Danielle Scheer, first grade teacher, Montgomery Elementary, North Wales, PA

“Garden City School second graders enjoyed hearing the engaging and insprational tale of The Can’t That Could! This story is full of vibrant illustrations that captured the students’ attention. We loved it so much that we shared it with the whole school! Thank you for sharing with us!    –Beth Stepka Parenteau, second grade teacher at Garden City Elementary School, Cranston, RI

 “We really enjoyed having you! Thank you for taking the time to share your book, experience and individual time with my students. I appreciate it!” –Jodi Joseph, first grade teacher at Glen Hill Elementary, Cranston, RI

From Bloggers:

“Have you ever felt like you couldn’t do something? We all have. Get to know Can’t in The Story of the Can’t That Could by Joan C. Yingling published by @mascotbooks (avaliable September 10th ). 🧡 A little inspiration to follow your dreams & back-to-school story that will put a smile on your face! 🧡
My kiddo says this little orange creature named Can’t is adorable & I agree. He is sorry for himself because he feels he can’t play with the group of Coulds. Then one day, with a little push, an elf gives Can’t a little confidence & shows him that he Could. Can’t discovers that he couldn’t let his anxieties & insecurities get in the way of him achieving his dreams & having fun. 🧡
What a magical story. I love these adorable, unique characters & how they bring sparkle to us. The story has a very important message/lesson, nothing is impossible, we just need to believe in ourselves & try! If we don’t, we will miss out & wonder what if. So let’s join Can’t that Could & follow our dreams! 🧡” —Stylishmodernmotherhood 

I love books that are meant for kids as well as adults, it makes it easier to relate to the story. The main character “Can’t” isn’t able to do anything. This makes him so sad and mopey all the time. An elf comes along and tells him that he just needs a bit of confidence and should believe in himself! This makes Can’t look at things in a whole new perspective. He’s now able to do so many things he couldn’t do before. It’s the story of how “Can’t” becomes a “Could”. This story brings me back to that saying where you should look at the glass half full. Lovely story and the illustrations are so adorable!Nuraslittlelibrary

From Barnes & Noble website:

“The Story of the Can’t That Could” is an absolutely wonderful tale of confidence that is sure to get any kid excited about trying new things. When they see Can’t start to change his mindset on what he “can” and “cannot” do, they’ll be sure to give things a go themselves! Whether it’s tying their shoes or working their way through their vegetables, they’ll learn to believe in themselves just like Can’t! —Love2read34 

“My 6 year old loves this book! It has become an integral part of his bedtime routine, and, as a parent, I am thrilled that he has chosen to latch onto this book. It has a positive message of trying new things and trying your best, and we have successfully adapted this mantra to other aspects of his life as well. I don’t see him putting down this book for a long time, especially with the kick he gets out of doing the voice of the Wee Little Elf!” –AvidReader34

“We bought this book for my daughter as she was developing an “I can’t” attitude about so many things. She immediately fell in love with the characters in this book and especially ‘Can’t’. The illustrations are absolutely adorable and the message is on point with so many kids suffering from anxiety these days. I recommend this book be read to any child who is being socially challenged. They will come to understand they are not alone and overcoming their anxieties is just a matter of changing your how you look at things. I loved the other characters too!” –Anonymous

“The story of the Can’t that Could is such a timeless theme and always helpful. If you think you can’t, you can’t! But if you change your mindset and think you can, it turns out you actually could all along! The illustrations are fun, silly and keep you smiling. This is a beautiful book and kids will love the endearing Cant and root for him right to the end. So far, I’ve bought three of them; two went to newborns and one went to my two year old cousin. The parents were thrilled but I know the kids will grow up loving this story and always believing they can.” –TheSpotlessCow

“My kids love this book! The characters are so cute! I will definitely remind them that they should always be willing to try new things because they will surprise themselves with the things they CAN do! Hopefully, I’ll never have to hear “I caaaaaaan”t” again!” –Susan B.

“A totally engaging read for little ones. A very unique book which draws the smallest reader into a world of happy confidence.” –goodkidbks

From Parents: 

“My kids and I loved reading The Can’t That Could! It’s a fun story with a great lesson and the illustrations are so colorful and bright. I love that it’s a family story that has been passed down and is now published for others to enjoy. I’m taking a copy to work to share with the kids who I work with as well!” –Christine J.

“I was lucky enough to grab a copy, and my 6 year old son loves it! It’s a great, easy read for little ones, and the colorful illustrations really bring the story to life! Thank you so so much for sharing this incredible story with us and the world! ❤️” –Christy P.

“An amazing new children’s book that should be a must own for all houses! I love reading it to my grandkids as it sends a great message for children.” –Donna DF.

“Such a great children’s book. My son loves the characters and really enjoys reading this over and over. It’s a quick and easy read for the little ones and has such beautiful vibrant pictures throughout.” –Catherine McB.

“Such a fun book! The pictures and colors are so vibrant and the story is great. What a message that the story communicates. My children love it! –Anonymous

“This story is well written and the pictures engage the children and brings them into this great story.” –Benjamin S.

“It is beautifully illustrated and it has a story that is so appropriate to all ages. As I read I thought, “oh, I have so many nieces and nephews I can give this to” considering it a children’s book. Then, I thought of the various influential teachers we’ve had whose hands I’d love to put it in. And then, I thought of my own daughter who is 14 and it’s the first day of summer and she has “nothing to do”! And then, I thought of myself as I try to reinvent myself as my kids grow up and head off and I now have to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. Thank you for sharing your mothers talent and stories with us. I look forward to the rest of the series.” —Margie N. T.

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