Nature’s Artist

by Joan C. Yingling

Take a peek inside a pansy, 
Do you know what you'll find there?
A wee little fairy princess,
With beautiful golden hair.
Deep in the heart of the petals,
Just where the stem begins,
If you look with imagination,
You'll see her face within.
Now, this is a special fairy,
With a special task to do.
For it is she who paints the flowers,
Before the sun awakens you.
She takes the blue of a morning sky,
And the golds of the setting sun,
She stores the colors in her magic wand,
And waits for morning to come.
Then, when a glimmer of daylight,
Touches the darkened sky,
She dresses all the flowers,
With the colors you know them by.
She flits from flower to flower,
And as the sun continues to rise,
The flowers become living beauty,
And stretch towards the brightening sky.
Now, when her task is finished,
She lingers a moment or two,
Then sings a soft little melody,
As she bathes in the morning dew.
Her song awakens all the birds,
And soon they all join in.
The sun begins to shine a smile,
And another day begins.
With this, the little princess,
Yawns and rubs her eyes,
She climbs back into her pansy,
And sleeps 'til the next sunrise.


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